Why Choose Agile

Why Clients Choose Us

Through our extensive database of contacts within the industry, we are able to locate and shortlist candidates with precision. Adopting various tried and tested techniques we work extensively to help our clients achieve their goal – to grow their business through the success of their sales professionals. We have a real passion for our work. We only want to work with the best clients, where we believe in the vision and structure of the company. Our philosophy is simple – if we work with clients that we would be happy to be employed by, we will both enjoy success.

Going beyond simply placing an advert on the main job boards, we are in constant contact with sales professionals to ensure we are the first call they make when actively looking for a career move. By understanding the market, we can pin point candidates who aren’t actively looking but would be ideal for your role.

Getting to know our clients is vitally important. If we understand just what it’s like to work for you, the culture and dynamics, the support, the systems, the processes, the career opportunities, the company vision, and the earning potential, we are best placed to promote your business to the outside world. We see it as a partnership.

Why Choose Agile
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Why Candidates Choose Us

Your career isn’t just important to you, it’s important to us. Sounds cheesy but when you think about it, it’s so true. If we help you find the perfect opportunity, why wouldn’t you recommend us to someone you know? We know the industries we serve inside out. We only work with the very best clients, ensuring the opportunities we present to you are career opportunities – not just a job to go to on a Monday morning.

Throughout the whole process, confidentiality is king. We will not speak with anyone without your say so. We don’t spray and pray CV’s. What you get from Agile is a professional recruitment consultancy, working on your behalf to secure you the very best outcome for your career. We’ll advise you at every stage of your job search, understanding your current position, what motivates you, your likes / dislikes in your current role. We’ll advise you on the interview process, the offer and what to expect when you resign. By fully understanding your reasons to move, we can better understand which opportunities are right for you. Counter offer stage can be a stressful time but having someone on your side who can offer advice is crucial. We’ll try to be as impartial as possible at all times. It’s your career and we don’t believe in dragging anyone kicking and screaming from their job. Instead we will look at the pros and cons of the opportunities presented to you – the counter offer and the new job offers. Sometimes it pays to stay. However, we always recommend taking the time to really consider why you were open to a move in the first place. Try also taking emotion out of the decision and always, always, always act with integrity and professionalism.

Whatever your reasons for moving, we will act with your best interests at heart. It’s a long term partnership with Agile and finding you the perfect opportunity is only the start of it.

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