What is your business doing to attract and retain people?

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In the ever-increasing search for talent, what is your business doing to attract and retain people?

I speak with lots of sales managers and sales directors who are eager to recruit fresh blood into their team but often struggle.

My first train of thought is to learn why anyone would join – based on the simple philosophy of “would I want to work there”.

Typically, there are 3 types of opportunities.

There are lots of very good companies out there with a great story behind their brand, working with lots of very cool tech and are laser focused on what makes them good. They typically have a structured employee on-boarding system and/or a career pathway mapped out, whichever route you take along the way. You’ll be relatively self-sufficient but have a framework to succeed.

Others have a structured process for new recruits – a defined sales prospecting process, usually supported by an inbound sales/marketing team, fixed KPI’s and clear objectives. These types of organisations tend to go for inexperienced hires and mold them into the company blueprint. This has proved a huge success for many organisations – think Softcat as an example.

Lastly, there are lots of companies who are usually in a rush to hire yet have little to no process at all. They struggle to attract or retain good people because they haven’t set a framework for success. They usually want experienced hires because “they’ll know what they are getting into” yet won’t invest any time into setting the boundaries/ground rules. This usually leads to a revolving door mentality where people come and go.

Why am I saying all of this?

Not every company needs to have a document outlining their employee career pathways. Nor do they need to invest in a whole new inbound sales or marketing team.

However, you can increase your chances of hiring by setting expectations right from the start. Be open and transparent from the start. Use reverse psychology to hire people – at least that way you’ll weed out those that would never meet your expectations.

Lastly, be realistic. If you know your business doesn’t have the necessary framework but it’s “work in progress”, don’t hide from the truth. Hours into their first day, your new hire will soon realise and that’s a bad way to start a relationship.

If you want help in defining your hiring process, including mapping out career pathways or even want to use me as a sounding board to bounce ideas off, feel free to schedule a call by visiting the Contact page here call me on 02080494400 or email me on oliver.fusco@agilesearch.co.uk

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