Tips for writing your Sales CV to Help You Get Hired

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CV Typing

It’s surprising how many people focus on the wrong information when creating a CV.

Think about it this way; you need to let a potential new boss have an insight into why they should hire you over someone else.

Follow these 3 golden rules:

  • Don’t waffle
  • Summarise where possible
  • Highlight your achievements

If you’ve worked in a variety of roles, highlight anything relevant to the role you are applying for, otherwise simply state the date, employer and job title and in that order (it’s easier on the eye this way!).

Where you really want to sell yourself is in your profile header.

This should be similar to an elevator pitch but relevant to your experience and achievements. Make this the very best you can but don’t BS!

As an example, you have 2 years’ experience working within an outbound sales role.

  1. Who is your ideal client – size, location, vertical and service/solution? If you have had success in a particular niche, summarise what it is and why you’ve had success.
  2. The main focus of your role is customer acquisition (i.e. new clients).
    1. You have a financial target, made up of either:
      1. Annual contract value (ACV),
      2. Total contract value (TCV),
      3. Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
      4. Gross profit (GP)
  3. Summarise what these numbers are and how you are performing (£/$ and %)
  1. Brief outline of how you acquire new clients – e.g. phone, email, social, networking, etc.
    1. What is your target to reach each day/week?
    2. Summarise performance

For me, these are the 3 things you need to be laser focused on.

Think about your client presentations and proposals. Do you open up a client presentation telling them war and peace on how the business is run? Probably not. You’ll likely give them a high-level view of the business operations, inviting questions to explain more.  Do the same with your CV.

CV’s reading “IT Sales @ an IT support company ABC – I joined a company who specialise in IT Support and who are based in x town, close to XX bigger town. My job as an IT sales person was to sell the IT services of IT Support Company ABC that entails IT Support contracts… each day I would ……ZZzzz”. You’ve just lost the reader to the next CV and your chance has gone.

It should read something along the lines of:


2 years of experience, helping SME insurance and re-insurance clients, increase client retention by delivering pro-active managed IT support/solutions, across cloud, data centre, UCaaS, networking and security. Consistent over-achiever. Client testimonials to reference.

Jan 2018 – Present          ABC

IT Sales 100% new business

IT managed service support for SME’s within the insurance and re-insurance market in the City of London – average deal cycle of 3 months.

Telephone interview

  • Average deal size – 75 seats | £90k p/a | £63k GP (70%) | 36 month term
  • Yr 1 Target – £2.16m Rev | £1.5m GP Target
    • Achieved – £3.24m Rev | £2.268m GP – 150%
  • Yr 2 Target – £3.24m Rev | £2.268m GP Target
    • Achieved – £5.5m Rev | £3.9m GP – 170%
  • Target of 2 new clients each month – achieving an average of 4, via:
    • Networking/referrals (networking events/client referrals)
    • 50 emails per day (using HubSpot)
    • 20 calls per day
    • 2 Social media posts each day (Hootsuite/Buffer)
    • Organised a sector specific monthly meet-up
  • Biggest win: £200k revenue, £140k gp, 60 month contract, 120 seat insurance broker, City of London. Cold call.


For me, and for clients, this is the sort of information you need to outline. It saves valuable time during the qualification call if this is already set out.

If you are not achieving target, don’t hide from it. Do not try to BS your way around it or waffle on about things that simply do not matter. You’ll get found out – very quickly.

If your target is unrealistic, you are better off putting it out there. Recruiters and hiring managers will know if it’s achievable or not.

It’s also our job as recruiters to find you the right company that will offer support, training and career development. If your numbers are below average, it’s our job to deep dive into why.

Work with your recruiter to find your next career move, not simply your next job. This may take time and so be patient.


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