How Do Recruitment Consultants Work?

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If you are a job seeker or hiring manager, you probably have heard the term Recruiter or headhunter and you know what they do. But there are still some people who don’t fully understand the role and may have questions. This article is directed at them.

By understanding just what a recruiter is and what they do, job seekers can become more successful in their job search and save time while learning about job opportunities they would have missed otherwise. If you are at the management level and above, and you are searching for a new job, read the following article and use the information to land your dream job.

How Do Headhunters Work?

The process often starts with the employer. A manager or HR professional will contact the recruiter with a description of the candidate they are looking for including the skills they should have and a personality type that suits their needs and the needs of their company.

Sales Recruitment - Agile Search & Selection Ltd - 02038629673Next, the recruiter will begin searching for an exact match. Why an exact match you might ask? The job of the recruiter is to streamline the hiring process and that means they should find a candidate that matches the client’s needs exactly.

The very best recruiters will know of vacancies well in advance of their competition. This is key for candidates who are not actively looking to change employer but are curious to know what else is out there in the market. When opportunities present themselves, by working with the very best recruiter, you will be first in the frame.

The Importance of Targeting

Most headhunters specialise in a certain industry and may ignore resumes from those who are not an exact match to their search or their industry. This means that if you are a job seeker, you should choose a recruiter that specialises in your industry or a range of industries pertaining to your skills.

Headhunters target a certain group of candidates to make themselves more efficient and more effective at finding their clients’ exact matching candidate.

The Power of Working with Headhunters

Now that you have a brief understanding of what a recruiter does and how they do it, you should also understand the importance of working with one. Contacting a recruiter that specialises in your industry will make your job search more effective and more successful. Often, a recruiter will save a job seeker the time and effort of searching through vacancies and help them find jobs they would not normally have known about. Building a good relationship with a recruiter can bring dividends for years to come as they will stay in touch over the years and let you know about suitable vacancies as your career develops. As your career progresses, you may even need to use the same recruiter to find you staff.


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