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You’ve had it! You’ve had enough of the targets being moved, the fruitless incentives, the additional KPI‘s you “failed to meet” (because you didn’t know about them!) and the overall lack of appreciation for smashing your target for the 4th quarter in a row!

You’re going to leave. You’ve decided…’s the only way you’re ever going to get appreciated! You’re going to look on the various different job boards and check out the latest opportunities in recruitment that match your aspirations and salary expectations.

Within minutes, you’re loving what you see….! Bigger basics! Commission up to 35% (way better than the maximum 10% you get!), team incentives, bottles of champagne, fridges full of beer, pizza Friday’s , images of the team nights out, weekends to Ibiza, Vegas, Dubai……….! What have you been doing for the last 3 years!!!!

You’re thinking this is a bit of you! Your current company can poke their job, your mind is made up, you’re sold on it and so you begin uploading your (updated) CV.

But wait……….! Hold on a sec…..!!

You suddenly realise your company use the very same job boards you are uploading your CV to!!!! What if……..what if your company has set up an alert to monitor CV’s from their own staff!!! ****! You didn’t think of that! You’ll be pulled in to the office first thing in the morning and then you run the risk of being asked to leave, with the greater chance of losing your commission at the end of the month – another 3 weeks away!! You had been banking on that as you’ve already spent it on shoes, nights out, a new suit, a night away or worse still, someone’s birthday present!

I’m not saying all agencies adopt this but any agency with half a brain would set up an alert for their own staff.

Using a recruitment to recruitment specialist negates all of this. At Agile, and most probably at other Rec to Rec agencies, we tend to deal with the cream of the crop in the recruitment industry – both clients and candidates (there’s not much value in dealing with the lower end of the market!!!).

By engaging with a great rec2rec <ahem – like Agile Search & Selection>, we’ll meet with you, listen to your reasons for leaving, educate you on the current market, learn what REALLY motivates you, try to understand a bit more about you as a person, explain what opportunities are out there, advise you on salary expectations and then recommend opportunities based on cultural fit, salary expectations and of course, location.

And we’ll do this without your boss finding out! We’ll meet at a time convenient to you – before, after or during working hours, close to work or close to home and can take calls most days into the evening and at weekends.

So, if you still fancy the opportunity to work for agencies, where weekly prizes of champagne, monthly incentives include vouchers, team nights out, weekends to Ibiza, corporate tickets to Spurs (COYS!), Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, commission up to 35%, annual bonuses, targeted pay rises, company car/allowance and all in all a role more in line with your aspirations, then call Oliver Fusco or Phil Amey of Agile on 020 3862 9673 for a confidential discussion.

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