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If you’re on this page, chances are you just received an invite to connect on LinkedIn.

So, why have I sent you a connection request and more importantly, why would you connect with me?

There’s probably a handful of reasons, so let me quickly explain my rec2rec experience, so that you know who I am.

I started in rec-to-rec back in 2001 for a company called Heywood Associates, focusing on the built environment recruitment sector. Initially joining as a resourcer before being promoted to consultant 3 months later. Nine months in and my boss at the time, Richard Barker, left and set up Optimum Resourcing with Kevin Coyle, of Coyle Personnel. In his desperation, Simon Gee, the owner of Heywoods, promoted me to Manager of the Construction Rec-to-Rec team (!). Needless to say, I failed as a manager (with 12 months recruitment experience it was no surprise) and when Richard asked me to join him at Optimum I jumped at the chance – Simon kindly told me that had I not resigned to join Richard, he probably would have sacked me anyway…… He always was a bit of a prick!

Although Optimum was set-up with Kevin Coyle as the main shareholder, we were very much like a traditional recruitment to recruitment business in that we still helped other recruitment agencies identify key talent. We were based on-site at Coyles, head office in Harrow, allowing us to gain a real understanding of what construction recruitment was all about.

Over the next 4 years, I helped Coyle Personnel grow teams, open offices and even helped on-board a team of two to set up the most successful venture in their corporate history – Mayday Healthcare, subsequently helping Nick and Saf grow this business.

Since starting Agile, we have covered many different sectors but the one that I know particularly well is the built environment rec2rec space. Many of my previous placements are now directors within agencies or business owners themselves.

The rec-to-rec market is, on the whole, still very buoyant (Nov 2020) and there are many companies out there who are still looking to add good recruiters to their teams.

If I have sent you a connection request it maybe because I have looked at your profile and would like to learn more about your experience – successes you have had, what part of recruitment you like, what you dislike, what your aspirations are, etc..

The chances are I have seen where you work and thought that you might be able to earn more elsewhere.

It may be a case that you have a great career history and so I’m curious to learn what your next career move looks like.

If you are reading this and would like to learn about the rec-to-rec job market, whether you are being paid the right amount or undecided on where your career might be going, please do connect with me.

I am happy to take phone calls during the day and early evening and of course can respond to WhatsApp or emails anytime.

If you are desperate to get out of your current role, for whatever reason, please book a time in my diary by visiting

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