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Ever experienced buyer’s remorse?

In the back of your mind you know the deal was always a bit wobbly, yet you choose to cross your fingers and hope for the best…. The following link gives a quick snapshot of ways to prevent buyer’s remorse.

My process when selling document technology solutions followed this process:

1. Discovery call – follow up email summarising call notes, confirm meeting, set agenda.

2. Agree next steps.

3. Meet – cards on the table and deep dive into issues / requirements.

Discover high-level budget, commitment and timeframe.

Understand competition.

Agree both sides understanding of issues / requirements and next steps (depending on the size / scope of deal, may need to conduct series of interviews with users / stakeholders and present findings)

5. Follow up email – summarising meeting and agreed next steps.

6. Demo / presentation – gather feedback, question commitment to change, close off and walk through implementation stage (make them visualise)

7. Summarise demo / presentation – question, gain commitment to go to next steps / get deal signed.

8. Deal sign off.

9. Process kicks in well in advance of implementation outlining timeframe, solution being provided, copies of contracts, proposals and key contacts within your business.

This is a fairly basic sales process, however, the big thing was to get the client to agree at every stage. It would ensure deals would go through with little to no issues. When an issue arose, I’d walk them through each stage of the process and highlight what we had agreed, using THEIR words, not mine.

Deals do go wobbly, especially within recruitment. However, by following a process and making an agreement with your client at each stage of the process, you mitigate risk. The difference with recruitment and selling SaaS, tech or products, is that there is a lot of emotion involved. A candidate or client can leave a hiring process at any stage, including after the placement has been made.

What are your thoughts? Have I missed anything off of here? How does it differ from your sales process?

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