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Why? Why do you need to speak with Agile? What do we do differently?

If you read our blog,, you may recognise your own hiring strategy. Here’s why you need to engage with Agile Search.

Think of your sales team as a bit like running a successful sports team.

You have a philosophy of how you do business (i.e. how you play). You have a team of individuals who, collaboratively, work well as a team – they know their role in the business, know their strengths, as well as their weaknesses and as a team they’re exceeding target…….! You’re the IT reseller equivalent to City, Liverpool, Tottenham, United, Arsenal or if you’re really good, Barcelona.

The reality is that this is probably not true.

You have a decent team. Some great players, some not so great and some that you probably should have sold in the summer/January window. Maybe you are mid-table but not too far off of top 6. You need a few marquee signings to give the team a boost. There are multiple reasons why you’re unable to hire the right players. It may be your wage structure. It may be outdated or worse the same as everyone else. For any prospective signing it would be the equivalent of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Or the sporting equivalent of joining a team like West Ham (sorry, they’re an easy target!).

So what do you need to do? You need a top down hiring strategy. One that can be replicated regardless of whether or not the manager is being courted by the likes of Real Madrid.

Just to explain my choice of teams. You may have seen from my LinkedIn or personal Twitter account I’m a Spurs supporter. The reason I didn’t include Chelsea or Madrid in my analogy was, even though they have had some major success (i.e. more silverware than Spurs), their structure isn’t as fluid as the other teams I mentioned. Each of the teams I highlight have a talent attraction policy that is a blueprint for success. Think about Higuain going to Chelsea at 31, with 8 goals so far this year! I might be proved wrong but it’s a knee-jerk reaction to a desperate situation.

Specifically thinking about your business, what’s your blueprint for success?

In just 30 minutes I’ll demonstrate how, using our expertise, you can replicate successful hiring that will lead to long-term success, a consistent hiring policy and more importantly, a successful business.

Call me on 02080494400 or email me on for details of our top down hiring strategy.

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