About Us

Experience. Dedication. Support.
An IT / technology sales recruitment consultancy that you can trust to deliver results.

At Agile Search Ltd, our aim is to place the right candidates with the right clients, first time, every time. 

Industries We Support

We specialise in matching sales candidates with IT resellers, managed service providers, service providers, distributors and vendors in a diverse range of industries. They are:

  • Cloud

  • Data Centre

  • Modern Infrastructure

    • Unified Communications

    • Collaboration

    • Enterprise Networking
  • Security

The majority of our work is done in the UK but we are more than happy to provide our services for people from further afar.

Roles We Specialise In

We recognise that IT resellers require different levels of expertise and specific skill sets when they are seeking out candidates. This is reflected in the impressive array of job titles in our list. You will notice that we don’t focus on generic sales roles. Instead, we incorporate a mixed set of distinct candidate roles. They are:

  • Account Manager
  • Account Director
  • Global Account Management
  • New Business Exec
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Director / Head of Sales
  • Global Head of Sales / VP of Sales

If your focus is in the internal recruitment function of your business, we can help with the following roles:

  • Talent Acquisition / Internal Recruitment
  • Head of Talent / People / Human Capital

Our clients can be sure that only those candidates with the requisite skills and experience will be communicating with them. We are strong believers in providing a recruitment service that is as efficient as it is effective.

Our services place equal importance on both candidates and clients. We make sure that both parties are always satisfied with the results that we deliver.

The benefits for prospective candidates who want to explore our recruitment services are:

  • Confidentiality. The candidates we recruit are always high-performers who are typically excelling in a particular job. A cornerstone of our stellar recruitment service is complete confidentiality for candidates. We don’t want to risk exposing candidates who take a chance by searching for opportunities outside of their existing employer. Confidentiality from all parties involved is guaranteed.

  • Guidance. We help candidates out every way we can. This means securing the best offers for every candidate, and assistance in narrowing down the list of interested clients to choose the most suitable one. We also assist candidates with handing their notice in. This is a sensitive issue and our expertise here ensures candidates are informed about everything to expect such as counter-offers from existing employers.

  • Long-term focus. We are firm believers in developing long-term relationships between candidates and the recruitment agencies they will work for. We do everything we can to make sure candidates are hired in a suitable role first time around. Our focus on building lasting relationships sets us apart from our competitors.

The benefits to clients who use Agile Search Ltd are:

  • Unmatched market knowledge. We have years of experience working with sales professionals in the industries that we specialize in. Our market insight and wisdom results in only the most talented and skilled candidates being introduced to clients.

  • Remain attractive to candidates. We inform clients of current trends in pay structures to help their agency remain attractive to potential candidates. By offering our expertise on competitive pay, clients can rest assured that they don’t get left behind.

  • Growth. We do our best to help clients implement their growth strategies and achieve their growth targets. This means always selecting the right candidates for your growth needs.

Whether you are a client or a candidate, we guarantee to get you the results that you want.

Get in contact with us now at Agile Search Ltd to experience our expert recruitment service!

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