How hard is your current agency really working?

Oliver 17/05/2019 0Hiring, Job Market

How hard is your current agency really working?

I keep seeing videos of recruitment agencies saying there is a shortage in the market of good candidates, whilst in the next breath they talk about securing retainers to work any vacancy……..!

So my question is this – if there is a shortage of candidates in the market, what is a retainer going to do to change an outcome?

Retained search is a different proposition to contingency recruitment. Retained search is all about identifying the right talent, creating a shortlist of credible candidates, engagement and ultimately hiring a highly targeted individual.

Asking for a retainer to work a vacancy using a contingency strategy, is basically saying “we’ll add you to a list of other roles we have but the benefit is you’re guaranteed to get someone, someday, or your money back”. In other words, no win, no fee.

If you’re paying an agency a retainer and you’re not getting results, WE NEED TO SPEAK!!

We have a solution that delivers tangible results, that will continue to work long after our agreement ends. How’s that for a guarantee?

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