11 Common Hiring Challenges

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Common challenges within a growing business:

  1. High recruitment spend
  2. No idea of actual cost of hire or cost of a bad hire
    1. No measurement of the recruitment tipping point – the fine line between success and failure
  3. Use of multiple agencies on various terms and conditions
  4. Mistrust of external recruitment agencies
  5. No faith in the internal recruitment function for specialist roles
  6. Multiple hiring managers within the business with different personalities, agendas and requirements
  7. Single hiring manager within the business (aka a bottle neck)
  8. No structured hiring process
    1. No benchmark questions to measure performance of the interview
    1. Often reactive to hiring needs (when someone leaves) and when a hiring manager has time
    1. If the hiring is away from the business, the hiring process is put on hold until they’re back
  9. No structure to on-boarding
  10. You fall into one of two recruitment hiring processes
    1. TOO SLOW 
      1. You’re probably looking for the perfect fit because you’re too busy and don’t want to make a bad hire
      1. The internal / external recruiter doesn’t get to the bottom of what you’re looking for
        1. They focus their attention on “easier” vacancies
    1. TOO FAST
      1. You hire most people that you see because you know you can sack them if they don’t work out resulting in a bad experience for candidates, team members / morale
      1. Unsuccessful hires will be blamed on the internal / external recruiter
      1. Your workload triples as you’re always showing newbies how things work/happen in the business
      1. Newbies pick up bad habits from others in the team due to an unstructured on-boarding process – and usually leave
  11. Unsuccessful internal recruitment team
    1. Turn off the tap to talent by restricting agencies
    1. Incredibly hard to reach
    1. Subsequently you miss out on key talent as it goes to your main competitors who have a defined hiring process
    1. You lose competitor insight (as candidates are unwilling to share information with an internal recruiter for fear of competitor awareness)
    1. Ultimately you miss company targets due to lack of hire, resulting in more pressure exerted on the existing team (“the safe pair of hands”)

Struggling to nail down a hiring process?

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